Saturday, January 31, 2009

Secret River

There is a silent river,
That lives inside of us,
It twists and turns,
At every thought, hope, and dream.

Bubbling with ideas,
Ready to spill forth ,
Eroding it self into our heart,
Shaping our lives,

Changing the person we are,
And the person we will become.


My Back Yard

Hey BOstan,
  I really want to show you m back yard when it gets warmer, because it becomes so beautiful!!! So when it does warm up I will start taking pictures of the seanery so you can get a taste of where I live. I think it is the most pritty in.... whell no I can't say that, all the seasons are fairly prittty in there own way. Spring, every thing is in blossom, Summer, every thing is green and it is really pretty in the forest that is behind my house, along with the creek. Autumn is really prettty because of all the trees changing colors. I can't wait to take you on a virtual tour around my yard and woods. I think you will like it. I really like being out doors, how bout you? Oh and when I do plant my garden I can take pictures and show you how all my plants are doing. By the way are you in to gardening? I really haven't been till this year. Hope to hear from you soon!



Hey! I think that that the book club idea is great! I would love to read the same books at the same time, it would be so fun! Anyway since you already got my letter you know about my garden idea. Here are a few flowers that I have been thinking about. My "theme" colors are purple and white. I was thinking, I would love to have a flower that you pick out in my garden! I think it would be so cool! Well if you know of a purple or white flower that you really like that can be grown in the Ohio climate, or close to here please tell me! I would love to plant a flower that you like in my garden. I is kind of a "romantic" idea, don't you think? (Oh and when I say romantic, I mean cool and neat/ kind of old world idea) It would be kind of a tribute to our friendship. If you don't want to, I understand, or if you do I will be so happy! Well the following as I mentioned are some flowers I am thinking about putting in my garden. I hope you like them and hope to hear from you soon!
p.s. do you like perennials or annuals better? I like perennials because they come back each year and are generally more hardy. Passion Fruit Flower

Malva Moschata alba (Musk mallow)

Lilies of the Valley



Dodecatheon (shooting star)


Monday, January 26, 2009

The Crabapple Tree in Blossom

This is quite simpily put, pictures of my crabapple tree that I took last May. It was so beautiful to see it swaying in the wind. Hope you like!

Hey BOstan

First of all I really liked the whole movie Wuthering Heights. My mom thought Heathcliff was a total creep, but I did not. He had a hard life so it did drive him to do things that were not exactly admirable, but he had his reasons. I think also that he did some of the things to cover up his grief. He kind of had the whole Phantom personality, (that is the Phantom from the Phantom of the Opera) he was so truly in love with Cathie, had a bad childhood because of the way he was treated, and that resulted in him doing some questionable things. All in all I really felt for Heathcliff and liked him deeply.

We too are dealing with hard times and have to cut back. It is easy to say "We will just buy the necessities" but as is most things, it is easier said than done. I would love to buy books, but we have never had the money, and we have always had a bunch of libraries around. My real problem is with journals. You know how most girls have shoe fetishes, well I am that way with journals and notebooks. I love to write in them and I love the way they look. I have always been a devout journal keeper, and I will eventually use them, but right now I am only 3/4ths threw the one I am using now and I have 4 empty ones waiting to be written in.... Well I hope you read this, and my other post I am going to leave.

Friday, January 23, 2009


What???? That is what every one seems to say when I tell them that I play the mandolin. So here is an explanation. It is a 8 stringed instrument that has the same strings as the violin only doubled, so a violins strings go G, D, A, E, and my mandolins strings go G, G, D, D, A, A, E, E,. It sound kind of like a guitar, but is different, and no it is not a minny guitar. If you have ever listened to Italian music and here these guitar sounding instrument being played really fast, that is the mandolin. I hope this video helps a little. Hope you like!

p.s. just fast forward threw the first half of the video, all it is, is the mandolinist speaking in Italian.
p.p.s. Not all mandolin peaces are all this Italian. We can play any music that is for guitar, violin, and most music that is in the Treble clef.