Friday, January 23, 2009


What???? That is what every one seems to say when I tell them that I play the mandolin. So here is an explanation. It is a 8 stringed instrument that has the same strings as the violin only doubled, so a violins strings go G, D, A, E, and my mandolins strings go G, G, D, D, A, A, E, E,. It sound kind of like a guitar, but is different, and no it is not a minny guitar. If you have ever listened to Italian music and here these guitar sounding instrument being played really fast, that is the mandolin. I hope this video helps a little. Hope you like!

p.s. just fast forward threw the first half of the video, all it is, is the mandolinist speaking in Italian.
p.p.s. Not all mandolin peaces are all this Italian. We can play any music that is for guitar, violin, and most music that is in the Treble clef.


Bostan natsuko said...

That is so cool!
That is such an accomplishment.

Lain said...

Thanks. I am not that good, unfortunealty... But I am working on it. My computer is not working wright so I will tell you here that I really liked what you wrote about dreams that don't come true. Well it is late and I just finished watching Wuthering Heights. What did you think? Write a new post soon,