Thursday, March 19, 2009


I absolutly adore this movie. I know you know I have seen it before, but I just love it an djust watched it so I feel compeled to tell every one how much I like it, even if they already know. I think it has a great story line and I also think that Max/Johnny, is definatly a good reson to watch the movie. I mean come on, those eyes, the hair, (hair is a big thing for me) and the wonderful face, plus not to mention, his wonderful personality. I mean, he sacrifised his happyness to make his true love happy, or what he thouht would make her happy. I love the ending. And think they did every thing perfectly. I would definatly give the movie 5 stars.


p.s. James McAcavoy, is a definate favorite actor, he did wonders in Becoming Jane.

p.p.s. Sorry about all this I just had to get it out:)


Bostan natsuko said...

I like him also. :)

finding a penelope costume is not an easy thing.
Oh i want to read the book also, but i have been putting it off.

Lain said...

I am glad you like him also.... Something to talk about when I come out. I would also like to read the book. By the way, I got your letter today, and yes you can totally use my suggestions. I am just glad you liked them.

Bostan natsuko said...