Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spanish Congergation.

Hey Bostan,

Today I went to a Spanish congregation for the Sunday meeting, because we knew the Hermano (brother) who was giving the public talk, and since it was his first, we came. I had fun. I only understood every 10 words, if that. Every one was really nice and friendly. I even commented at the Atala estudiar (Watchtower study). It was a comment a little kid would give but I thought it was cool to comment in Spanish. I said "Jesus fue muddado de sincero concierne para otros." which means basically that Jesus did the preaching work because his concern for others.  I was really nervous, and was sure that I was going to say something wrong, but every one said I did good. Well I have to go now, but just wanted to tell you about this. Hope to hear from you soon. 



Bostan natsuko said...

Funny that was in the paragraph that i was gonna comment in. I didn't because my sister needed a coment and she wanted that one. She owes me.

Thats cool that you can speak a little of spanish. I am gonna do Roseta stone, but i have to wait till it comes in from the mail. My mom orderd spanish, maybe in the future we can write a little in spanish.

A good up to learning spanish here is because there is a lot of spanish brothers and sisters here, so when there is a gathering i can hear what they are saying. (Hehehe)

Lain said...

Hehehehe That is so cool. I would love that. I am not very good so far, but I am trying. I think it is funny, because they could have been saying anything about me and I would not have known. Well I hope to hear from you soon.