Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring, NOT!

Just when it was starting to feel like spring, the birds where chirping, the flowers were out, the grass was finally green again, and buds were cumming in on the trees. It was so beautiful out, and not to mention warm. But then yesterday the weather took a big drop in temperature, which is OK I can deal with that, it happens now and again, but that is not all that happened. We had a lake effect snow storm! And yes it is April. It is pretty out side, some might say gorgeous, but I am tired of snow, I have just gotten threw 6 months of it, I don't need more now. But I guess it is gorgeous out today in terms of beauty...... I just want it to get warm again. Sorry to complain to you. But I just needed to tell someone of this horrible, yet pretty weather we were getting.

Your forever faithful, sometimes complaining friend,


p.s. tonight I have a orchestra concert, I am kind of nervous, but in a good way. I have a solo! I am really surprised she asked me to do it! =)


Bostan natsuko said...

:) Well i think this trip will do you some good. Auuu, i feel bad, you really neeeed to come out here. (Hehe)

Ahhhh! You will do great, not great perfectly tonight. Or by the time you get this you all ready have done perfectly.
I would wish you luck, but we don't belive in it. (Hehe)


Lain said...

Thanks, I did okay. My legs were shaking, and I really had to try not to let my hands shake, but I think I did well.

Bostan natsuko said...