Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vitamin String Quartet

These guys are amazing!!!!!! I had never heard of them before yesterday. They play classical instruments to modern day music. I already bought two of their songs from iTunes. I got Falling Slowly, (I LOVE this song!) and Face Down. Check them out if you have not heard of them before!!!!!!!!!


Bostan natsuko said...

I have not heard of them before but i am going to look them up.

Lain said...

Tell me what you think when you hear them!

Bostan natsuko said...

I love them!
I really liked Face down, it sounded so good. But i couldn't find I got Falling slowly.

I also really liked these songs;
The Black Parade,
Nine in the afternoon,
That's what you get, and
Sugar were going down.

I also liked Viva La Vida by Cold Play.

Lain said...

I am glad you liked them. Did you look for them on iTunes? If you did Falling Slowly should be there.

Bostan said...

I did, but maybe i missed it. Who is it by?

Lain said...

ummmmm..... Alot of people have sang it, but it never really says who it is by if they play it. Did you try looking up "Vitamin String Quartet falling slowly". Try that, trust me it is worth it. The song is WONDERFUL!!!!