Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our first Time Meeting

Dear Bostan,

So we have already agreed on hugging when we first see each other. Now where would you like to meet? I was thinking that maybe we could meet at my aunts house, or your house, which ever is more convenient for you.  I also think that afterwards, we could go on a walk, or just hang out at your house, just to get used to each other. I think it might be a little bit awkward at first. But after the first 5 minutes it will be fine. I just can't wait to see you. I think we should see each other daily if possible. We can ether meet in between each others houses, or one of us walk to the others house. What ever works. 
Now about some things I would like to do when out there. 

1) Spend the night at your house and vs. versa.
    A) When spending the night we can watch movies and just hang out. (how many sleep overs have you had just for you, not your sister?) The following are the movies I would like to watch with you.
          a) Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them, we could have a Pirates Marathon night!)
          b) Finding Neverland
          c) High school musical 3
          d) becoming Jane
          e) some of Jane Austen' s movie's (another marathon night or nights)
          f) Star Wars (only if you want...... another marathon)
          g) what ever other movies you want to watch
2) Go on hikes (these can be just normal walks, because I LOVE to walk, and when we can we can go on actual pretty trails)
3) Go to the beach!!!!! (I am so pail, from this LONG winter without being in the sun!)
4) Go to movies
5) Go to book stores
6) Go shopping (we don't have to really buy any thing..)
7) Take a tour of the Island
8) Go ANYWHERE beautiful
9) Zoo

Feel free to make any suggestions. Hope we get to do all this stuff and more.

Your loving friend,



Bostan said...

How much do you want to be with your family? (my mom wants to hang out with your mom and your aunt)

I am so excited!!!
I just can't stop smiling.
Well I don't know, Humm we could meet anywhere. Who is picking you up at the air port??

I will love to all of those things!! All of the movies sound great. I have a lot of those. I will name the ones i do have;
-Finding Neverland
-Becoming Jane
-(P&P, Both Mansfield Parks, Persuasion, A Emma)
- And the really new Star Wars

We can rent Pirates, High school Musical 3, and the others. Or i don't know, it is up to you about you bringing anything, so yeah.

Are you going to bring any books?? I think we should still do the Book Club, that would be even more fun.

IN Hilo their is a river and i want to take you to it,(Sorry i am repeating myself)( WE can take alot of pictures when your here). It is just a river adventure and has an amazing view, but it is not a path, but climbing over rocks and swimming through a pond and stuff. Really active, i hope we can do it. We will need one of my sisters though, but it is just a thought. (wow, it may sound pretty LAME! but my last sleep over someones house was maybe a year ago. So you might have to show me how it works) I know their are others we can do, but i want to write a list already (a check off list(Sort of. Cool, Cant wait to hear from you.
A very happy friend~

Lain said...

All of that sounds amazing! I want to be with my family, but I really want to spend a LOT of time with you. So maybe we could do some things together with our families. My aunt is picking me up from the air port. I think I would like to meet at my aunts the first day, and then, we could take a walk or something, so that we can get to know each other more.

I am glad you have some of the movies, so it will be a lot of fun to watch them. I can't wait to have the sleep overs. It will be a lot of fun, especially since you have not had one in a long time, which is fine, and will just make things more fun.

Yes we are still going to keep up the book club. I think we will still be in Robin Hood by that time, and I will have more time to read because I will be out of school. I can't belive I only have 9 days left! And exactly 14 days till I come!!!!!

Hey how do you feel about reading some of the book aloud when I am there, kind of taking turns, with our book club? If not it is fine, but it might be fun. We could always try it, and if we don't like it we could stop.

The river sounds GREAT! I love the whole do every thing hikes. I love to swim in rivers and such. I can't wait to talk more about it, and I will put another post dealing with it soon. So, I can't wait to see you,

A very hopeful friend,


Bostan said...

How do you mean, about reading out loud? When we are togheter or on the blogg?

IT all sounds great.
YOur friend

Lain said...

I mean when we are together. I thought it might be fun to do it, and it is something we could do together. We don't have to do it every day, just maybe a few times, when we feel like it.
Yours truly,


Bostan said...

Yeah, Cool! that sounds fun. Lets do it.

Lain said...

Great! =) I can't wait. So, so far we know that we are going to hug when we see each other, and meet at my aunts house on the 19th. And after we meet we can go for a walk, it does not have to be any place in particular, just some place to get to know each other better. Does it sound good???

Bostan said...

That sounds great! We know basicly what we are going to do, so i don't think we really have to plan daily until your here, i supose. What do you think??

And one ?, What are you planing to bring? (Just the basics)

Can't wait to hear from you,
YOur friend :)

Lain said...

Ummmmmm.... I am going to bring Robin Hood, my journal, cards (I LOVE to play cards, maybe while I am out there we could learn a card game from the 1800's), cloths, and maybe another book to read, ummm that is all I can think of right now, I try not to bring to much because it cost money to bring a bunch of things. Anything else YOU would like me to bring??????

Bostan said...

Ahh, bring good walking shoes. I know you will, but i just want to say it, Your camera.
Are you going to bring your Cell??

Yeah it does cost money, and if you don't have soo so much it is easer to take something home that you bought. But my problem is always over packing, it is a huge problem i have. LOL.

Lain said...

Yea, I know. I will be bringing my camera, my cell phone, and i will make sure I bring a good pair of walking shoes.