Friday, May 8, 2009

Brake in???????

I can't believe it happened!!!!!!! I woke up this morning to my mom telling me that over night someone had broken into our cars, (well not really broken into, because they were not locked)! So some one had gone into our cars and sorted threw EVERYTHING!!!! Thank goodness we don't keep any valuables in our cars! I some times leave my ipod in the cars center compartment, because that is where the ipod hook up is, but luckily I had not left it there. So the good news is that there was nothing valuable for them to take, but I still can't believe it actually happened! They took my dad's duffel bag, and my mom's service bag out behind thins tree in our yard to look threw, probably hoping for something valuable, but they did not find our literature exactly valuable, that or my dad's dirty gym cloths ether. =) We are not sure if they really took anything, but if they did, it was nothing of real value. I am just so relieved that they did not think to go in our garage, for it was unlocked, and my dad has a lot of expensive power tools and such. The police came today, and said that they think it was somebody young, because they did not have a car, and were not the smartest, (I mean come on, if I was a burglar, I would check the garage!) You are probably wondering why we did not lock our car doors. Well we some times do, but since we live in the county, it is kind of like a safety zone. The police man said that they NEVER get any calls from around here, for crime. He thinks that it is probably somebody new to the area, some one  who moved into some apartment near by. Oh well, I am just glad we are all safe, and nothing of major importants is gone. I can't wait to see you, and talk to you for real! Only 10 more days!!!!!!



Bostan said...

WOW! When you first told me, i was gettting worried. I can't believe someone would do that. I am also glad that no one got hurt. (Sigh)
Sometimes we don't lock our doors here, and my brother leaves his portable DVD player, that sends a message. Wow, Well at least you have your humor. ")I am glad your Ok.

This is Random, But are you gonna bring your IPod? YOu don't have to but you can.

Lain said...

Of coarse I am. I don't go on any trips without it. this way you can check out my music. =)

Bostan said...

Can't wait! =)