Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Olive Dog

(I wrote this for school and thought you might like to read it.)

  Isn’t it funny how we can wake up one day, and not even suspect that that day is going to be different? Well I felt this way the day that I woke up before I got my dog. Most people plan to buy a dog, but not us; we weren’t looking for any animals. We already had cats, a dog, and a miniature horse. What more can you ask for? Well how about another dog? That is not what I woke up thinking. I had just woken up from a sleepover I had had the previous night with my  friend Marina. We were planning on going to miniature golf that day. This is what started it all.

  So as I was saying, we were all crazy about going miniature golfing, what 10 year old is not? So we get there and find out that it is closed. Talk about disappointing!!!!! When you are that disappointed, you can’t just go home, you have to do something almost as exciting. Previously, a few days ago me and my dad had been in the mall, which just happens to have a pet store. We had seen the most adorable toy fox terrier, and I just loved her. We had taken her out to play, and she had the most charming puppy breath and belly. She was just soooooo cute.

 So I told Marina about this adorable puppy, and we both begged my dad to go, “just to see” the puppy. So My father, being how he is, took us. We got there, and looked into the cage where the puppies were, they were all so cute, but I especially liked the one I had held before, so I had to of coarse hold her again. This lead to the s tore manager coming up to us and asking if we were interested in buying her. I of coarse said YES!! My dad said she was too much. A dog at $800 was a little much. The manager gave us a little smile and said, “You know that it is Mother’s Day, and we have all of the puppies $100 off.”

 My dad still said that she was to much, just when I thought all hope of getting her were out the window, I remembered that we had already bought a dog from them before. I brought this up, and the pet store mangier looked quite please. He then said, “Well this must be your day, when we have customers who have already bought a dog from us they get $100 off there next dog.” So because it was Mother’s day, and we had already bought a dog from them, she was $200 off, and now within our price range. We asked him if she was ever going to be this much off again, and he said no.

 So with a LOT of pleading and promises to take care of her ALL by myself, my dad gave in. We brought her home, and my mother was not exactly happy, but she was eventually won over by the puppies charm. We went over many names for her, such as Spot, Cowgirl, Skyler, and other names that only a ten year old could think of. Finally I choose the name Olive. Why????? Well because she has three big black spots on her fur that look like big black Olives.

 I have had Olive for almost five years now, in fact it will be exactly five in 2 days. She has brought me more joy than anything else I could have ever purchased. She is so sweet and loyal, and I don’t think I will ever find another dog as good. I know when she gets up in age, and finally ceases to exist, I will get another dog, but I believe that a person’s first childhood dog that they get will always be their favorite, and will always have a special place in their heart. And who says that money can’t buy happiness?






Bostan said...

AUUUUU! That is sooo sweet. I love the story and i can't believe that really happened. Wow! It was also funny, AUUUH, i already love Olive.

I also loved the ending.

Your friend.

Lain said...

Thanks. The ending made my mom cry. (Which is easy to do) but I will miss my dog like crazy when she is gone. Good thing she has an average life span of about 13 years.

Bostan said...

In human years Wow.
My dog just turned a year old a few days ago.

I don't really want to or belive the dog years stuff. I think they just die younger and mature at their pase but nameing a year=7 dog years i don't get. Or i don't want to really.
Yeah it is a sad thought that you might not be with your dog in the future, i am sad about it to.

Lain said...

It is funny how we can get so attached to them. She is like a sister to me, or kind of like a child. I love her.