Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This is just a quick note. I just finished packing today. Everything except for my carry on. I think I am going to take my: journal, Robin Hood, The Princess Bride, camera, ipod, cards, Mike and Ike (those are a necessity =)) sudoku, my phone, and I think that is it, oh and my mini bible. I can't wait just to get on the plane. I LOVE to fly, and I am also excited about having our garage sale which is Friday and Saturday. It will be fun and will give us some spending money for Hawaii. I am surprised that I could fit all my cloths in my suite case. I had to many and had to leave some behind, but I have a lot of shoes. I have sneakers, (I am going to wear them on the plane and am taking them so that I can have comfortable walking shoes. I got some new shoes that are really cute. I hope you like them. I think you will. Well that is all I have to say today because I have to start working on the garage sale, we still have to price a lot of stuff, so till tomorrow,



Bostan said...

I hope your garage sale goes good.

Yes all of those things so have to come. =)

I was wondering about that money we were saving for this trip, do you still have yours? i still have mine and how do you want to use that?? if you still have yours. We can use it while your here, mine even if you don't have yours.

Oooh i can't believe Monday/Tuesday is coming soo fast!

Bostan said...

Oh yeah enjoy your book =) The Princess Bride. Well i know you will. Hehehehe.

After both of your plan rides (coming and going) you have to tell me if you watched the movie and what it was if you did.

Las Vegas was my only long time flight and their was only one movie playing on one flight time, but for me it eases the flight bordom.
I love flying but after forever and after reading for hours i need to do something else.

Bostan said...

Oh yeah one more thing, Nice picture.

Lain said...

I am sorry I don't have my money, I spent it on the camera that I bought because I needed one. Sorry about that. I am so sicked that you are going to be at the airport! You did not even have to ask. Bostan, you are my best friend in the WORLD. You never have to ask if I want to see you or not. The answer will always be yes.

Lain said...

p.s. Thanks about the picture, not mine, but it shows about my fixation with Mike and Ikes. hehehheheheheheheehehe

Bostan said...

Thank YOu, and the same with me, you don't have to ask.
I feel so happy now!

No problem about the money. I still have mine so we can use that!
I.. am .. so excited!!!

Lain said...

me to!!!!!!!!!!111