Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hey BOstan,

I just got your letter in the mail yesterday. And I agree with you about the not talking thing. If we did ever get in a fight, (though I cant imagine getting mad at you, EVER) I think we should still write to talk it out, and get over it as quickly as possible so that we can talk as freely as ever and become even better friends. :) Well any way, what did your mom think of my writing of the Moon? Tell the truth, I wont be hert if she did not think it was that great. I will get my letter in the mail as soon as possible! I will write a new post soon, (one that is hopefuly more intresting) till then,

Your faithful and (hopefully, you r mine) best friend,



Bostan natsuko said...

sorry, my mom really really liked it. I didn't tell her who wrote it until she was finished. and she really loved it.

Lain said...

that's good, I am glad she liked it, and again don't worry about it. I hope to get your letter soon, and I hope you get mine soon also.