Tuesday, February 3, 2009


(Sigh) it is a Tuesday, again.... I always have so much to do on Tuesdays. First I have school, then I have to study for meeting, after that I have to pick up my friend from school, which as soon as we do we work out at a near by gym called the Natitorium, (Nat for short) after which, we drop here off, and I get rushed over to my grandparents, where I eat dinner, and am there by whisked off to orchestra. After that escapade, I am picked up and we go strait to the meeting.... Today I am happy though. We have our circuit oversears visit, and I am pioneering this month, so I hope all goes well this week and month. The cool thing about auxiliary pioneering the month of the circuit overseers visit, is that you get to go to the pioneer meeting. I went last July, it was really good. Well I have to start my day now.... Hope to hear from you soon,


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Bostan natsuko said...

I hope your day goes perfectly. I will post something to follow.
Have fun!